Evelyn Rose Can Find Her Nose at 13 Months

These days, you seem like such a "big girl."  And, I mean that purely figuratively, because people constantly see you acting so old and looking a bit petite, so they are curious as to how old you actually are.  You really enjoy coloring and drawing on paper.  You so enjoy "helping" in the kitchen, that I've child-locked even more cabinets than I child-locked with Spencer.  I think I also have less patience for a toddler dragging out everything every five seconds.  Anytime I try to pick up, I'm certainly fighting a losing battle.

You also are interested in other chores I do, and at times, you're actually been interested in participating in them (as opposed to just being in the middle of them to mess everything up).  You trying to put clothes on hangers while I'm doing the laundry, and a few weeks ago you were crying because I wouldn't let you wash the dishes with me.  Our dishwasher broke, and I was washing them by hand.  You seemed to notice I was doing something very different, and you were very interested.  It might have just been the blue gloves.

A couple of weeks ago, you found the bouncy seat at Gigi's that I sent over for Ruby.  You immediately insisted that I help you sit in it correctly, and then you said, "ba-ba, ba-ba" (asking for your bottle).  The irony is that you never sat in that seat to take a bottle, although I would have loved for you to have done so every once in a while.  After that short-lived activity, you told me to buckle the baby doll into it, and then you joined her.

You like to arrange all sorts of scenarios for yourself.  You recently directed me (with babbling and motions) to take a pillow off the sofa before you would take your bottle.  You wanted to sit on top of it while you drank your milk.  Then, after a few sips, you wanted to add another pillow to the pile; and then you directed me to help you sit on top of them.  It made me think of the princess and the pea, or rather, the princess and her bottle.  You're no less finicky than that princess when it comes to drinking your milk.

Someone taught Spencer to say "cheese" when a picture is being taken, and so sometimes to get your attention, I tell you to say it, and you give it a try.  The first time you tried to say it was so precious.  I don't want to forget.  We were in the kitchen, I think.  And I asked you to take out your paci and say cheese.  You took your paci out, said your version of "cheese," and then put your paci right back in.  Precious little lady.

You can throw a ball really well by holding it over your head with both hands.  I was shocked the first time you spiked one across the room that way.  You're full of surprises.

Once during your thirteenth month, you caught me in the kitchen with a cup, and you insisted I give you a regular cup with water in it for you to drink.  You do really well with one, and you love to practice in the bath tub; but I won't be letting you walk around the house without a lidded cup anytime soon.

You follow directions so quickly when you want the end result.  For example, you will sit down in a flash when I ask so that I can put your shoes on.  You will even try to help me put them on.  You run away cracking up when I ask you to do something you don't want to do.  You bend your little head down, and sway your arms back and forth and run off in your little lady-waddle that we love so much.  It's really funny.

You really enjoying standing on top of things like the kids table and chairs, the pouf and glider in your room, the toilet, and any other furniture you can squirrel your way onto.

You know so much of what we say to you now, it's crazy.  I like to say things and see how much you know by just my words.  Recent testing has shown you know a lot!  Multiple other adults have looked at me recently and said, "She knows exactly what we're saying!" including your Gigi and my Aunt Annie.  You also try to say a lot; but for many of the words, it is truly just "trying."  I just told your dad yesterday that I need to get a list of all your words (for this, your virtual, and hopefully soon-printed-out baby book).

You do great at Kid's Night Out, and impress everyone by how much food you can put away.  You loved Miss Parker and Miss Holly.

You also really enjoy feeding yourself.  Some days you refuse to eat unless I let you do it.  And, on some of those days, I give in and let you do it.  It gets messy.

You can drink out of a sippy cup like a pro, but you do not want to drink your milk out of it.  God doesn't want me feeling bored or as if I've "arrived" any time soon.  And, I'm certainly in no danger of that.  You're getting one or two more top teeth in, and they look so big in your little bitty mouth.  You've slept through the night twice this month.  I'm thinking and hoping the teething is the main hindrance.  We know you can do it.  You still take one nap a day, and you have proven your skin to be almost as sensitive as your brother's when it comes to my cloth diapering endeavors.  We've probably cloth diapered you a combined two weeks out of the combined fifty six you've worn diapers.  I'm trying not to view that as a failure, but instead an attempt to do what you need.  Semantics.  =)

You like lots of different foods, and, it is a bit exhausting how into feeding yourself you are.  I think I'd chosen to block this "stage" from my memory.  I'm trying to go with it.  You get bored with the same food served "too often,' and you just fuss and refuse to eat it.  I used to mistake this as you not being hungry or not wanting to sit up and eat, but now I know you just didn't care for what I offered you.

Closer to fourteen month "word" list:  "yum, yum, yum," "da da," "mama," "Ssssss" (for Spencer, shoes, and cheese, of which you will only eat shredded or melted), "Pa pa," "Hi!" "bye bye," "ba ba" (seems like you say this for bottle and paci, although when I remind you how to say it, you can say "pa pa" for paci), "uh oh."  I know there are more,  and I'll add them as I think of them.  You are willing to try to imitate words, and you do jibber jabber a good amount.  It's almost time for your fourteen month post, Ev!  I just can't keep up with you!  (But I love you so, sweet pea.)

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