Evie's First Baby Shower This Side of Things

Evelyn, you attended your first baby shower in September.  It was for your Aunt Natalie and your cousin Ruby.  


At the very beginning you weren't exactly sure what you thought about it all.  It was nap time, and you fell asleep in the car on the way there.  But once your Gigi held you for a bit, you were ready to party.  

So many people love your Aunt Natalie, and I hear she received lots of fun gifts for Ruby Clare.  Unfortunately for me, you were not really into sitting around watching Natalie open her gifts. 

 It was in a large room with plenty of places to explore and people with which to socialize, so it was a perfect set up for your purposes.

Almost everyone commented on how shockingly small you looked to be walking so well.  You were fascinated by two babies who were sleeping in baby carrier car seats, which was really sweet.  You then proceeded to find and fixate on the big, open stairway, which was not nearly as sweet.  You practiced on those stairs for the majority of the shower.  Not even the bribery of eating cake out of a tea cup kept you away for more than a couple of bites.

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