First Christian Preschool's 2012 Fall Festival

Both kids had a blast at First Christian Preschool's Fall Festival.  It's an annual fundraiser, and it was hoppin'!  My favorite touch was the band who has volunteered some-odd consecutive years to play the live music, even though all of their children are too old to attend the preschool.  They weren't too loud, but you knew they were there.  Evelyn, I, and I'm sure many others loved the ambience the music brought to the event.  

We got there a little early, which was a good thing for Evelyn.  She got to bounce when it was very calm, and she loved it.  

I remember when Spencer went down one of these huge slides for the first time.  It was about 100 degrees.  He loved it then and he still likes it now.

He can climb up all by himself now (truth be told, he probably could have climbed up all by himself then too, but it's age appropriate and socially acceptable now).  

Evelyn watched him happily from the stroller for about two minutes.  Then she realized she was missing out.  And she was outa there.

I love this picture.  But I sincerely hope it is not a glimpse into our future.  God help us if she can outrun her brother.

Evie loved the bounce house.  She loved falling, crawling, and jumping.  

I wish I could have taken this picture from the other side.  You can tell by her profile that she has a huge smile on her face.  She loved bouncing, but not more than her pacifier.  

Spencer is having a blast in the background.

Don't worry, she was still smilin' when she got back up.

Group shots are difficult these days, but I love how Evelyn looks like she is strikin' a pose.

Here, Spencer is admiring his prizes from all the games.  Conquering the cake walk was his mail goal after Jenny Powell told him all about it in speech therapy.  It took him many, many tries, but I was so proud of his perseverance.  The junior high girls running the cake walk were pulling for his number to be called.  Once he won, he picked a pan of six, heavily iced cupcakes with leaf rings on top.  They were delicious.

I couldn't help but compare my kids to their pictures this time last year.  In the top left picture, Evelyn isa little over a month old at our church's fall festival in 2011 and next to that she looks much more than a year older to me in October 2012.  And to see Spencer at the pumpkin patch in 2011 compared to a picture of him at First Christian's Fall Festival in 2012 it feels like so much has changed, and at the same time, nothing has changed at all.  Time is a remarkable thing.  It is surreal to watch your babies grow, but it is always fascinating to me how similar they are to their little newborn selves, year after year after year.

In a more artistic vein, I enjoyed managing to find two shots where Evelyn is waving with her right hand and two shots where you see the right side of Spencer's profile.  I love symmetry almost as much as I love them.

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