First Play Date With Cousin Ruby

Ruby came to play at her cousins' house for the first time today.  Actually, Natalie was just trying to keep Ruby from taking too long of an afternoon nap, and I told her she certainly came to the right place!

Spencer is now an old pro at welcoming babies to our house.  And he was happy Ruby was here and eager to show her the ropes.  Unfortunately, Ruby is still a bit young to see the ropes.

But, he helped me take a few pictures, and he pretended he was Dr. Spencer, so he needed to check her out for us.  She, apparently, looked good.

Evelyn has had a harder time adjusting to "the new baby" than I ever dreamed a thirteen month old could.  At least when Natalie held Ruby, Evelyn didn't scream and throw a full on temper tantrum like she has done previously when her Gigi holds Ruby.  While Nat held Ruby, Evelyn continually attempted to get Natalie to play with her instead.

After about an hour, Evelyn "settled in" a bit, and was almost content to sit on the sofa next to Natalie and Ruby and occasionally force Natalie to give her a little side hug or cuddle.  Evelyn Rose is crackin' us up with this seemingly precocious reaction to no longer being "the baby" of the (extended) family.  Were we just naive to think she'd probably just play happily in her own little world, at least until Ruby can crawl around and get into "her" toys?

Evelyn's little hand-wringing and peculiar, nervous, jealous, but all the while lady-like posturing kept us giggling.  She did extend the ultimate right hand of fellowship and offer the baby her bottle, and one of her passies.  So, Ruby, no worries, you're in.  Evelyn just needs a little more time to adjust to seeing all of the people in her life holding a new, precious little lady.

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