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I've always loved this company and hoped I'd be able to dress my little one in their clothes one day. They are not cheap, but I have a mother-in-law who LOVES to outfit her little ones. We have ordered some winter clothes from them, and I can't wait to see if it's as cute in person as it is online. They are offering free shipping (and free shipping on returns?) to first-time customers through the end of September.

I wish someone had told me about this web site sooner! I LOVE all it's basics, and would have had Spencer in this stuff everyday when he was a newborn. How great for days you want to take pictures! I hate it when clothes distract from a baby's face! Also, what a perfect "go to" for costume building blocks!

A boutique in our area carries this line, and at the end of the season they mark it WAY down! I have been very happy with how it's made, etc, but more importantly it looks very "boy"--which I love!

I have not ordered anything from here yet, but they have some cute things. It is the same company as Gymboree. I think it is supposed to be like Old Navy to their Gap. Let me know if you've ordered any of their things. I hate paying shipping, so they'll have to have something REALLY cute before I bite the bullet.

Favorite Baby/Kid Clothing Brands? Anyone?


  1. We have a Crazy 8 at the mall we frequent. I've bought E some clothes (mostly dresses) there on occasion, usually when on sale, and have been pleased with the quality. It seems to be better made than Old Navy. Their clothes are all so soft and hold up well.

    I've been having a lot of luck at Gap lately, surprisingly.

  2. I saw your comment got deleted on Kelly's blog....is she one of those who deletes stuff every time someone doesn't agree with her?

    BTW, I LOVE the background on your blog!

  3. I'll have to check out all those companies! Thanks for the info. :)

  4. I got Eli a crazy 8 shirt at a consignment sale. I was really impressed with it and it's held up well. Price-wise, it's comparable to Gap and Old Navy, but as far as quality goes, I'd say it's on par with Gymboree. I love that stuff! I never buy it full price, but when I can get deals it's worth it. It holds up so well. I also really like Carter's. They always have cute designs and hold up well. And it's always on sale.


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