Spencer's First Football Game

We went to Louisiana this weekend to visit some of my family. One of my cousins is a high school senior, and he has accepted a football scholarship to Tulane. We are all so proud of his hard work, and we went to see him play Friday night.

Against all common sense, I took Spencer who had missed his afternoon nap. My kid goes to bed at 7 WITH an afternoon nap. The alternative was to leave him with a babysitter he didn't know in a house he'd been in for about an hour. This seemed cruel to both the sitter and Spencer. I knew we could leave the game if needed--so on we went.

I danced him around to the pre-game music, and he loved that.

Then everyone yelled and screamed as the players ran out onto the field (me included). He did NOT love that.

After a few more outbursts from the crowd (all of which he handled poorly), he nuzzled his little head down and fell asleep.

This, after I just went on and on to my aunt about how my child NEVER falls asleep in public. Ha! Apparently I just never let him get good and miserably tired. (Actually, I typically safeguard against this on purpose) I have a feeling some of the aversion to the noisy crowd was due to his insane level of exhaustion. However, he's never been a big fan of loud people. (Yes, ironically, he has me for a mother). He slept until the end of the half when there was another very loud moment. Then, it was time to go back to the hotel.

Of course, he wouldn't fall asleep for hours since the nap at the ball game had taken the edge off his sleepiness. It made for an interesting night.

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