Back to Real Life and My Amazing Husband

As many of you know, we have only temporarily connected to the internet here at the Kelley Household. Partly for financial reasons, but even more because I have little to no self-discipline. My parents have moved into their new house, and they will be hooking up their internet on Thursday. We were "storing" it for them.

There is something too satisfying to the ego to have a list of "followers." For that and random other non-reasons I will continue to post periodically as Spencer allows.

Now I have to brag on my husband for a paragraph. (I owe it to him after posting baby pictures of him in his "Christmas outfit") He currently works 2 jobs, gets up with Spencer in the middle of the night, spends entire weekend doing yard work and cleaning house with me, does the dishes every day, and of late, sent me to get an hour-long massage and a pedicure on his day off. Additionally, he puts up with me--which, as some of you know is not really an art or a science. It's really more of a spiritual discipline. He likes me even when I really don't like myself. You do not know patience until you have known Jonathan. God gives good gifts.

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  1. Johnny is quite a catch...and he makes good looking babies ( with your help of course )....so, I guess you should keep him


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