My Review of Fisher-Price Happy Day/Night 96 Count Diapers - Size 3

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Day and night protection in one convenient box! Each pack includes the right mix of Happy Days and Happy Nights Diapers for 24-hour protection. Happy Savings coupon booklet included in each pack featuring up to $10 in savings when you buy Fisher-Price diapers, toys and baby gear.

Worst Night Time Leak We've Ever Had

By Nanny then Mom from Little Rock, AR on 9/21/2009


1out of 5

Cons: Plasticky feel not soft, Leak

Describe Yourself: Nanny then Mom

I have a 9 month old baby boy who sleeps on his tummy, so night time diapers are a must for us. I was so excited when I saw these online and read all the great reviews. Lately, we have struggled with dirty diapers leaking and have not had problems with wet leaks--until we used this diaper. The first morning, my baby woke up SOAKED. This hasn't happened in months, and he'd had no more liquids than any other day. I am very disappointed.


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  1. You know, everyone has an opinion (even sweet little church ladies) on this matter.

    We've never had leak issues with regular Huggies from Sam's. Our night time diaper has been the huggies overnight, which we get in a box at Wal-Mart for about 20 bucks. It lasts us two months.

    It's AMAZING how much they pee at night!

    Oh, and a couple of days ago when it had been raining, Annabelle apparently forgot to pee outside. So she, in the night, peed on Ben's 500.00 wool pottery barn rug. We're still scrubbing it.

    Last night Ben decided to run through the house naked after his bath (obviously feeling better). So he's standing in the back bedroom where the dogs are, and he pees on the floor. An honest reflex, but still funny. She peed in his room, he peed in hers.

    We're just full of urine stories at our house.


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