Snippets of Spencer

Aloha! Spencer seems more like a toddler every day. Even his screaming is more grown up. Yes, it's louder, but it is also filled with big boy emotion. He has 2 bottom teeth now, and 2 top ones are well on their way. We are praying that's why he continues to wake up between 3 and 4 am these days.

We survived the stomach virus the week leading up to Labor Day. I consider it a moral as well as a physical victory.

Spencer had his 9 month well visit last week. The nurse who gave him his flu shot said, "Wow! He is A LOT stronger than he looks!" This, coming from a woman who does this all day, every day. I just laughed and agreed. Someday Spencer will be so proud to hear what a strong baby boy he was. He is in the 25-50% percentile range for weight, and BARELY in that range for height. I had been wondering why they made baby shorts so long. All of his 3-6 month shorts still fit him like capris!

He has been shutting himself into the dark bathroom lately. He doesn't scream or cry or yell. He just starts talking to himself (or me?) about it. Then I have to slowly crack the door open and coax him to step back further and further so as to not knock him over. Eventually we get a big enough crack for him to walk through.

It is raining this morning, and Spencer crawled over to the sliding glass door, laid down on his tummy and stared out at the rain. It was pretty adorable.

He ate a whole waffle for breakfast yesterday. It was quite incredible. Then, last night he enjoyed my stuffed mushroom. I didn't have one bite. The kid will not eat a bite of banana, but stuffed mushrooms? bring 'em on!

We went to see Jonathan's grandmother in the nursing home yesterday, and Spencer LOVED checking out the wheels on everyone's walkers and wheel chairs. He was obsessed with them. I tried not to think about all the germs on the FLOOR of the nursing home. We are certainly building his immune system.

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