Celebrating Christmas 2012 In Benton (In 2013)

The ice and snow changed our plans of celebrating with Jonathan's sister and her family in Benton with his parents.  Nana and G-Dad came to see us Christmas morning before the ice storm, and brought some presents for the kids.  As far as my kids knew, they'd had Christmas.  However, Nana does Christmas big, so after Jonathan went on a short trip with friends to the Music City Bowl, and after we all had the stomach virus, I took the kids to Benton to finish opening their gifts.  (Jonathan had to stay home because he, you guessed it, also caught the stomach virus).

Spencer got some fun costumes, and some wind-up robots--just like on "Max and Ruby."

That sweet smile is directed at his new Larry-Copter.

And, I think his favorite present was the set of characters from VeggieTales' "The League of Incredible Vegetables."  Just today (February 4th), he toted them to speech and occupational therapy and played with them all afternoon.

Evelyn got some stacking blocks, and a picnic basket, as well as a tea pot, and an elephant that blows balls everywhere.  She was (appropriately) overwhelmed and also very interested in Spencer's new toys. She loved her teapot that sounds like it is really pouring tea.  She had me pour her some tea (she says "water") over and over again.  Each time she would look in the cup really confused and then try to drink water out of it.  Ha!  Spencer has really enjoyed showing her how to build and knock down a stacking block tower.

The kids were tired and still not quite back to themselves after the holidays, the ice and snow "trip" at Gigi's, and the fist stomach virus of the year; so, unfortunately, the Benton "Christmas" ended quickly.  However, as far as they were concerned they have been thoroughly "Christmas-ed."  

I think the picture below sums it up nicely--Knight Spencer (with Baby Jesus at his feet).  Oh, to be a little boy in a knight costume! 

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