Evie Roo At Fifteen Months

Fifteen months has been a busy time, Evelyn.

You got to wear your adorable hat from your "Auntie Jan," and you and your brother got to help Maddox celebrate his second birthday.  You had so much fun climbing and playing (I have video but no pictures).  You seemed so very grown up!

You also had a great second Thanksgiving, celebrated with family and friends.  You rocked the honorary 1-year-old turkey costume.  You also went with me, Spencer, and Gigi to help "Miss Judy" celebrate her parents' anniversary and birthdays.  Miss Judy's daughter, Rebecca, babysat for me, Hillary, and Natalie when we were your and Spencer's age.  It was so fun to take you to meet Rebecca, and to show you off to Miss Judy and her parents.  

We also threw a small birthday party for your Gigi and Papa at our house.  Aunt Hillary got to be there, via Skype, and that was a lot of fun.  You loved the cake.  A few days later, you, Spencer, and Daddy visited Nana at her school for her birthday.  December is full of birthdays in our family!  That Saturday you had a blast at Spencer's 4th birthday party, and we even managed to squeeze a play date with Hudson and Greyson into that week.  

You've quickly grown up, and you do new, sweet, hilarious things every day.  Lately, after diaper changes, you hop up and try to put up your diaper supply basket where it belongs on your dresser and you pick up your changing pad and lean it up against the dresser where it belongs.  

Spencer got a trampoline as an early birthday present, and you ask to "bounce! bounce!"  You also say "dis" and "dat," and you try to say yogurt.

You also attempted to pull the lamp off of the dresser behind the sofa because Spencer told you too.  Nice.  I'm so glad I was sitting right there when it all happened.  

The other day, I asked you, "Is that delicious?" and you said, "Yum, yum, yum!"  Precious.  You've been singing and dancing and keeping us on our toes this month.  I have some really sweet videos of you and Spencer from this month.

You had your fifteen month well visit on January 8, 2013, around 15.5 months.  You weighed 21 lbs. 12 oz., were 30.75 inches tall (I think this was the high 50th percentile), and your head circumference was 18".  

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