'Twas Way Before Christmas

In order for all of the Vinsant Family to be together this Christmas, we celebrated earlier than usual, on the night of the 21st.  It was nice for it to be un-rushed and not lost in the midst of hurrying from one place to the next, however Spencer had a hard time obeying the entire night, so it was not very peaceful or fun for me or his dad, until his dad took both the kids home leaving me to sit with the fam' for a while that evening.  It was then I realized I had a lot of work ahead of me for 2013.  I'm glad to report that things are already going better on the behavior front.  Anyway, back to Christmas with the Vinsant Clan.

Gigi had the table decorated so beautifully, and I told her so.  She laughed and told me that you have a lot of time to decorate the table if you decide not to decorate the tree.  I hadn't noticed until she said that, but I had to take a picture of the tree--the year it had no ornaments!  I so enjoy and appreciate her freedom to do what comes and let the rest go.  More goals for 2013.

Gigi got this nativity scene a couple of years ago with her grandkids in mind.  She wanted something big and eye catching for them to see at Christmas time.  Also, it goes great in her house.  =)

Spencer noticed and pointed out that Evelyn and Angel both had bows--one red and one green.  It was hilarious.  Both of these girls looked beautiful.

Spencer got to help Gigi light some candles.  This was part of the beginning five minutes where he had his shirt tucked in and a belt on.  That quickly became the least comfortable thing in the whole world and had to be abandoned.  He did great lighting the candles, though.  I remember my aunt Alicia helping me light candles at Christmas time.  

When Spencer saw uncle Tony home for Christmas, he ran over and gave him a huge hug.  It was a bit of a surprise for all of us, I grabbed the camera and got a quick (blurry) shot of the manly sweetness.

Spencer loves his aunts, and they love him.  He happily smiled with them for a picture.

Evelyn Rose enjoyed wearing Gigi's glasses.  She was cracking me up.  She actually looked really cute in them.

And, it wouldn't be a trip to Gigi's without a little bit of Sprout.

We got through Spencer screaming in defiance throughout dinner time and moved on to presents.  Things got wild quickly, so the pictures reflect that. 

Evelyn got a baby doll that she immediately loved.  She wasn't sure she wanted the baby doll to have the pacifier, though.  

Spencer got a bicycle, and he has been enjoying that.  He took a long ride with a little help all around Gigi's neighborhood last week (the last week in January).  Everyone was spoiled, including the lucky gentlemen who received Theological Trading Cards from the Kelleys.  I know you're jealous.

Once my kids' screaming and crying had reached a fever pitch, Jonathan took them home, gifting me with uninterrupted Christmas dessert time with my family.  Little did we know that this evening would pale in comparison to the Christmas "excitement" to come.

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