Clappin', Climbin', Crawlin', Sittin', Pullin' Up, Eatin'

Evelyn, you've decided to tackle all of these tasks and more in the span of approximately a week and a half.  Slow down, Little Love, you're only eight months old!

On May 30th you clapped at Gigi's house while we were all clappin' and dancin' to Fresh Beat Band with Spencer.

Then, on the same day, you army crawled to my glasses (on my face), climbed onto me (to get my glasses), and then climbed over me to the other side where I'd put my glasses when I took them away from you.

On June 1st, I ran errands that morning, and I came home that afternoon to you crawling all over your room.

On June 2nd, you sat up (and stayed that way easily and for a long time) from a crawling position.

On June 3rd, you pulled up using my legs.  You were wobbly and would have fallen over right afterwards if I hadn't reached down and caught you.  But, you're on a mission to move.

On June 4th, when I got up that morning, you were crawling OUT of your brother's bedroom (you'd crawled in when you Dad got in the shower, and the I guess you decided you were finished in there and were on your way out) when I saw your cute little grinning face coming out of his dark bedroom.

Then, later that day, I put you in your crib and then stayed in your room long enough for me to see you pull up with one little bump along the way.  I'm pretty sure you've been doing it for days because I've been finding your passys all over the floor.  You stood there so proudly, grinning, laughing, and even cruising a little bit.  I was just saying that you didn't seem to be catching on to the standing up thing as quickly as Spencer did, but Gigi witnessed the crib action, and she says it looks like you're making quicker progress than I'd anticipated.

Unrelated to your gross motor skills, but very noticeable nonetheless is the fact that you're now screaming for the spoon whenever we eat.  Guess it's time to share what we're eating.

Love you so much, Little One.

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