Christmas Morning 2012

Evelyn and Spencer were something on Christmas morning.  The ideas I had about how it would be could not have been less predictive.  Suffice it to say that Evelyn was very interested with everything in Spencer's stocking.  Why I didn't think to buy a fifteen month girl and a four year old boy the exact same stocking stuffers is beyond me.

Here, Evelyn is checking out Spencer's play dough refrigerator.  

And here is Evelyn with Spencer's play dough accessories and his bath tablets.  I did convince her to let me put one of her stackable plastic bracelets on.  She wasn't really into accessorizing that morning.

Spencer was very excited about his own stocking stuffers, so at least I got part of it right.  

Nothing like play dough before eight a.m.

Evelyn got that juice box holder in her stocking.  She liked it for about two seconds.  

Christmas morning breakfast was, shall we say, "casual" this year.  Pay no attention to the disaster in the kitchen.

Spencer helped Jonathan open his present from me--Theologian Trading Cards.  

Jonathan was pumped.  We sat for a moment to ingest a mandatory amount of caffeine, and then, I started bugging everyone about the fact that there was supposed to be an ice storm later that day.  I'd been mentioning it here and there and my questions and concerns had fallen upon deaf ears.  Finally I said, "Call your parents [who we were scheduled to see that afternoon in Benton], and tell them that they can come up and do "Christmas" with us this morning in case we can't get down there this afternoon!"  So, Jonathan did, and we did; and it's a good thing, because no one went much of anywhere for days and days after that.  

The kids loved Christmas morning with Nana and G-dad.  They were fresh, well-fed, well rested.  They were so excited to see them.  They each opened a winter coat and snow boots that their wise (and humble) mother had insightfully requested they receive.  They also opened some some fun toys, which they have really enjoyed.  It was impromptu, small scale, and the obvious winner for "Best Tolerated By My Kids" of all the Christmas celebrations of 2012.  It was a really sweet and perfect Christmas morning for them.

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